oh - oh

Dale Putnam

awoke to the sound of ice falling.. not good... 
checked temps.. after a night of fog and freezing mist.. (say what?)  yeah, freezing mist.. rime ice on everything.
Temp is 4.. ice is an inch or better thick. no wind.. yet. 
Horses not happy.. covered with ice.. but they are hungry.. so feeding is good.

While feeding, keep checking antennas... supports are at their max.. guy line fat and heavy.. 
antenna wires way bigger than the 17g wire should be. I'm glad I used 17ga rather than the 19ga. 
The end support masts are straining.. and the end support towers are too.

Check the forecast.. going to warm up.. but so is the wind.. up to 25... mph.. and F.. which comes first?
Temp now is 3.. and the wind is 5.. not a good sign at all...

Sipping coffee checking from each of the windows ... great way to enjoy a cup of coffee... right?

Have a great day,
--... ...-- Dale - WC7S in Wy

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