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Johnny AC0BQ

Ga Dan
Yep cold as heck here too  it was -2 this am.
We ended up with 2 or 3 inches of snow sleet mixed, not terrible.
Good job on the contest with qrp SSB, at least your still QRP, right!
Have fun stay warm 
Johnny AC0BQ

On Monday, March 3, 2014, Dan Reynolds <on30ng@...> wrote:

We were threatened with 9" of snow Saturday night - Sunday morning. We cancelled a trip to see the kids in MI. Rearranged things and were all battened down. Got up Sunday morning and it was more like 1/2". I don't want to say I was disappointed but with all the WINTER we've had I figured it was a sure thing. And we REALLY wanted to go see the kids in MI. And then it got cold. I was down in the 'man cave' (my shack is in the garage/basement of our split level) and man it was cold down there last night. I had my space heater on burn and it was still DARN cold. 
All I can keep thinking about is we're going to have one of those typical midwestern summers too. One day we'll have snow and the next it will be 97 with 99% humidity! Ugh!
Sorry. I know we're all pretty sick of this. 

On the antenna front the good old W3EDP is really drooping. But it still works.

I worked an hour of the ARRL DX phone contest Saturday night and 2 hours Sunday late afternoon. I made 21 contacts. From a contest standpoint I realize that's not very good but for 5 watts SSB I think it was pretty good. And it still amazes me. I think four or five of those were over 5000 miles. Two were over 6000 miles. I know most of you guys are CW buffs so forgive me for being lazy and not improving my code like I should. But I just had to share. 
I think it's so amazing what you can do with an FT-817 and a piece of wire hanging in your backyard. I'm a technologist by trade and this still amazes me.
Most of my contacts, BTW were on 15 meters. I wasn't at the right time to get 10 meters. Since I've been logging at, I'm up to 31 countries. I can't hardly believe it.

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