FS: FCC1 and FCC2


I've decided to sell a Norcal FCC1 and FCC2 combo that I've had on the shelf for
several years. I have another DDS project in the works and won't need these.
Here are the Norcal pages for more info http://www.norcalqrp.org/fcc1.htm
http://norcalqrp.org/fcc2.htm The manuals are included on a CD.

These were built by Bruce Beford N1RX who built them. Bruce is an outstanding
builder and these items reflect his skills. The kits retailed for $80 total,
I'm asking $60 shipped anywhere in the US. DX hams pse email for shipping
costs. If you are intertested in them, pse respond off list.

These are a popular DDS VFO and counter combo and I wanted to give Four Staters
the first chance at them. Thank you for considering.
I love this radio stuff !

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