Re: Last call for 2014 GQRP subs in time for the Spring Sprat


Hi Tony, re your Email yesterday 6/3/14 I see by my records I paid my subs on the 06/01/2014 via PayPal Transaction ID 650998900B5727313
               I sent £6.45. Changing subject the Sudden 40 Tx I purchased from you recently is now up and running , but a couple of problems
                the photo on page 15 shows the blue aerial wire going to the earth connection  had a bit of fun with that one Hi secondly the VXO
                is not moving with Vc1, have checked 0-60Pf OK and checked L1 OK and tried Vc1 0-140 no different any ideas ? .
                regards Graham G3UD 11581

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From: g4wif_tony@...
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2014 11:07:48 +0000
Subject: [4sqrp] Last call for 2014 GQRP subs in time for the Spring Sprat

The copy for the Spring Sprat is now with the printers and I will be
emailing the distribution list at close of business today. If you have been
meaning to renew your subs then please go to our paypal web page.

Choose the UK, EU and DX rate that applies to you

Please do not extend your membership beyond the end of 2015 otherwise your
money will be refunded minus paypal admin costs. If you aren't sure whether
you have already paid for 2014 then feel free to email me to check.

Finally, I've been asked this twice recently so I will explain about club
membership. Your subscription entitles you to membership and comes with all
the benefits such as the Sprat magazine and access to club sales, technical
advice and our QSL bureaux. If you don't have a current subscription then
you aren't a member.

This means that if you are of the persuasion who likes to include
affiliations on QSL cards and email footers, then that's between you and
your conscience if your membership expires.

Kind regards
Tony G4WIF
Membership Secretary GQRP Club

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