Re: A new key and as happy as a fat hog in the sun


GM George,

Don't think I'd spray stuff inside the Flameproof. But you do have one of the
very best straight keys out there. If it's acting normal, dont mess with it,
especially don't take it apart. There have been mournful posts describing the
number of parts and the difficulty of reasembly.

Enjoy the key, its a dandy.

I love this radio stuff !

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Greetings fellow QRPers, My name is George Bailey WA5HRC and I'm on the same
wavelength with you as I operate QRP with a HW-8 that I built in 1980 and, just
to make you drool, I also have an unbuilt HW-8 still in the sealed factory box
that I hold as a spare. I'm new to the newsgroup and mainly I enjoy reading and
learning from the different postings. But now I have a burning question that
cannot be found with a google and I need to pick at the collective brain of the
group. At a hamfest recently, it was my good fortune to find and purchase a
mint condition WWII Navy Flameproof Key # CMI-26003A. It is such a nice key to
send with that I've shelved my trusty ole J-38. Between the adjustment screws
is what looks to be a 6/32 screw and when removed it is only about 3/16 of a
inch long. When I shine a light down into the screw hole I see only a void
area. As to the function of this screw, I would guess it is acting as a cap for
the void and further that some compound, lube and/or contact cleaner, is
supposed to be sprayed into the key through the screw hole. Can anyone expand
on this?

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