Re: A new key and as happy as a fat hog in the sun


That is to gain access to a pin or screw, ( I forget which) that cinches the bottom contact assembly to the fulcrum arm. I've sent you a photo via direct email George.

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Greetings fellow QRPers,    My name is George Bailey WA5HRC and I'm on the same wavelength with you as I operate QRP with a HW-8 that I built in 1980 and, just to make you drool, I also have an unbuilt  HW-8 still in the sealed factory box that I hold as a spare.  I'm new to the newsgroup and mainly I enjoy reading and learning from the different postings.    But now I have a burning question that cannot be found with a google and I need to pick at the collective brain of the group.   At a hamfest recently, it was my good fortune to find and purchase a mint condition WWII Navy Flameproof Key # CMI-26003A.  It is such a nice key to send with that I've shelved my trusty ole J-38.   Between the adjustment screws is what looks to be a 6/32 screw and when removed it is only about 3/16 of a inch long.  When I shine a light down into the screw hole I see only a void area.  As to the function of this screw, I would guess it is acting as a cap for the void and further that some compound, lube and/or contact cleaner,  is supposed to be sprayed into the key through the screw hole.  Can anyone expand on this?

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