Re: A new key and as happy as a fat hog in the sun


George Bailey WA5HRC
Congrats on the fine Retro Rig, the HW-8. 
The parts are big enough to touch with your fingers and see with your eyes. 

The HW8 invites tinkering and add-on HB projects. 
First I added a Air-Column-Tuned Audio filter.
Then designed a Noise Limiter and a Butterworth Filter. 
Now that I can work S1 signals, 
I need about 3 more Watts to make a full QRP, 
and poke through the noise better.  

When I want to see what it was like in 1958  (my first station)  
then I unplug my devices and run the HW8 barefoot with just my 1940 Bug.  

You will find that the HW8 makes you feel like your are 21 again, 
for a while. 

If I hear a CQ by WA5HRC will certainly answer back. 

Glen Ellis, KK4LPG

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