KL7AH Condition

David Bixler <qrp@...>

Hello folks:

Today I learned that Bob Ball, KL7AH, from Grove, OK has been hospitalized and diagnosed with a fast growing cancer. The prognosis is not good and he is currently back home in hospice care.

I spoke with him today and he has accepted his fate. His condition is terminal and he is not able to receive visitors, however you may wish to send a QSL card greeting to him at:

Bob Ball, KL7AH
PO Box 450369
Grove, OK 74345

Bob is a regular attendee at the Seneca 4SQRP luncheon get-togethers. He is one of our club kitters. He helped kit the 4SQRP HF test set and he and Eileen did the order fulfillment shipping of the Clear-Top tins.

73, Dave W0CH

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