Bugs left

Michael McShan

Tom K4VIZ is closing up shop and will no longer make keys or bugs. I forwarded this email in case any are interested.

72, Mike W5RST

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From: Tom Desaulniers <tom@...>
Date: March 22, 2014 at 6:05:44 PM CDT
To: Michael McShan <n5jky@...>
Subject: Bugs left

You might post to your group that I only have 2 ea 90 degree horizontal bugs left and they will be gone soon.
First come, first served.
TH TH TH THat's all, folks.
Will be removed from web site soon, but none left.

Tom Desaulniers / K4VIZ
Conway, AR, USA
There are two kinds of ships:
Submarines and Targets.
Pride Runs Deep
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