Re: Wed Nite Nets

John C. Demuth - K8CQA

I think you had my call as K8CQT when I called you on 40 just before the early net.  Your signal was booming in when I first heard you; I was clear across the house and it was very clear copy ... but by the time I got to the rig, sigs were down.
The contact on 80 later was rough, but it was my first contact with the new 185 ft longwire.  
All in all, you were doing quite well with your portable wahr from Branson!
Wish I could be there, but will be working and taking good care of Jane, KC8IEE, who is having some health problems right now.  Maybe another year ...
72/73 & have fun this weekend - 
John - K8CQA - Gnadenhutten, Ohio

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