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Jim Beard

Thanks for trying it was AE5ZZ Jim Little Rock - cu in Branson

Jim Beard

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K8CQT Ted? Canton, OH is not correct. 

That entry should read


Sri John, and thanx for the correction

72 Terry WAØITP

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The Stonecaste is all set up and waiting for us. 

The Stonehenge room is ready for the presentations, the free Saturday noon lunch, the Banquet and the private breakfasts. I ate lunch the deli that catering the Saturday lunch, and the sandwiches are on par with some of the best I've ever eaten. 

The knights room is setup with 23 tables for vendors, hamfest, swappers, and the Homebrew and Wackey Key contests. All ready for some horse trading.

Excaliber awaits the Friday night build session, if you havent heard, this year's kit is a FB regen receiver by Dave Crip. Dave is flying in from a business conference for OzarkCon, talk about committment!

The Lancelot room is set up for a ladies knitting workshop led by Sarah Smith, N0TKO. Beginners or experienced knitters are welcome Friday night and all day Saturday

No worries on the weather, rain tmrrw but fb wx the rest of the week thru the weekend - it never rains on OzarkCon. Look for our banner in the lobby, it will be hanging in front of the registration booth. Go there to pick up your registration packet. Cu on Friday!

Now for the 80M net report. Talk about bad condx. WOW!!!! My noise level was so loud that some static crashes caused the rig to completely block for a couple or 3 seconds. The rest of the time they were loud enough to be painful, and that was with an external speaker! Sri I know I missed several signals that were way down in the noise. Making it in were:

KV6Z Bill Claremore, OK
?A6ZZ Jim Sri couldnt get all of the call
WA5BDU Nick Russellville, AR
WB0QQT Steve Lincoln, NE
K8CQT Ted? Canton, OH

Many thanks for braving the QRN, and I'm sri I couldnt copy thnose ofm you who tried to check in. Cu next week from home.

72 Terry WAØITP


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