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Dick Hammond

Jim: save one of those  12V..,. 17AH batterys for me, Dick  N0TGR

On Thu, Apr 3, 2014 at 5:41 PM, Jim Sheldon <w0eb@...> wrote:

Judy and I are leaving the Wichita area around 7 in the morning - plan a stop at Bob Evans restaurant in Joplin for brunch around 10-10:30 and arrive at the Stone Castle early afternoon.
Looking forward to seeing the gang.
Dave, W0CH -- I have the AA0ZZ Keyer serial#1 to be given as a prize with me for sure, and Wayne, KC0PMH has asked me to get an oscilloscope I have for him to you.  He said you would bring it to the April luncheon in Seneca for him.  
Besides my Elecraft literature and equipment live display/demo which won't be for sale (but anyone that desires will be able to operate & make contacts with the K3, KX3 & K1), I'll have a few interesting items available for anyone interested.  Available will be a Tektronix SC-502, 15 MHz oscilloscope in working condition (manual on CD will be provided but no probes), A TONO EXL-5000E (google it) stand alone CW/RTTY/ASCII/Amtor TX/RX unit with 5" built in CRT monitor that's in working condition, a newly built K1EL K-42 CW Keyboard Keyer/Reader, a Global Specialties 6002 5Hz to 1.3GHz frequency counter in working condition and 3 or 4 12Volt 16/17 amp hour gel cells.  Possibly a Signal Corps 1942 J-36 bug by Lionel and a 1944 Vibroplex Original bug as well.  Also, I'll have available a wired, aligned and tested 2 band (40 & 20 ) filter board plus an unbuilt 15 & 17 meter 2 band board for the Elecraft K1 available if anyone's interested in those as well.
See you all there tomorrow evening & Saturday.  
Jim Sheldon - W0EB

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