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Jeremy Utley

Hey Tom!


I ran into Jeanette one of the times she was asking about it at the front desk, am sure glad to hear she found it!


I have a suggestion – Robin and I ran into this type of thing not long ago – since we got our Android phones, we have had a program called “Lookout” installed on our phones – One of the features of it is, you can log onto the Lookout website and see the coordinates from where the phone last reported in.  Also, you can signal the phone to make a very loud siren noise, EVEN if the ringtone is on silent.  I did look, and there is a version of it for I-Phone too.  The app is free (they have a paid version that gives you a few more features, but the ones I mention are totally free) and I think it’s worth it just for the added peace of mind!


Just some food for thought!


Jeremy, NQ0M


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Enjoyed yet another Ozarkcon this year. The kids had fun in Branson,
especially playing mini golf and shopping with Mommy.

I for one was glad to find a new toy at the swap tables, an MFJ 15 meter
QRP rig.

Special thanks to Bart W0IIT for giving me a ride to Walmart to buy a
gas can and then to a gas station this morning so we could get the van
started. Apparently when the fuel gauge says 1/8th tank and parked on
an incline it's still possible to run out of gas. Bart is a real ham's ham.

And that after my wife lost her cell phone, which finally was found by
hotel staff. I'll remind her to never leave it on silent again.

If anything, this was not an uneventful Ozarkcon.

Tom Sevart N2UHC
St. Paul, KS

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