Re: Open letter to Members - Important Pse Read

Shawn Reed <neivahul@...>

Hello ardent hobbyists. I am very grateful for 4-stateqrp, as it has been a catapult for my RF interest. You all have offered your sound experience, graciously, backing up your kits 100%. Neat talent in each design. I must say, though, when I come up on a bridge that requires a due paid, to use, I swim across instead. I understand all good intentions. It sounds like a solution was needed, out of consideration towards the volunteers. It's asking alot for anyone to put their bank account up front to cover expenditures , until compensated. I haven't had any experience with clubs, otherwise, except for 4-state as a first. No criticism here. I just don't find it necessary, in my walk towards any horizon, to pay dues out, in monetary form. Just a principal of mine. I thank you for sharing. 73, Shawn Reed KF7YFF.

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