Re: Open letter to Members - Important Pse Read

Shawn Reed <neivahul@...>

On 4/12/2014 12:48 PM, Rich Fowler wrote:
Thanks Terry, for all you do!

For those who are not reading what Terry said correctly, there is no intention or need to charge dues. There was a need to incorporate as a non-profit for the reasons Terry gave in his open letter. If you need clarification, drop one of the officers a note.

Distance from the "Four states" shouldn't be an issue. If you would like to help out in some way, send one of the officers an email and suggest how you would like to help. Maybe it's Net Control, kitting the new product, contacting potential speaker for Ozarkcon, whatever....there's a list of potential needs as the group grows.

One of the better ways the help is by buying our kits and promoting by demonstrating them at your local ham club or writing a review in your club newsletter. 

Thanks to everyone for supporting 4SQRP!

Rich K8MEG
Hi Rich.  My mistake for mis-understanding. ..... "Sooner or later every
successful club that sells kits or other fundraising items, and began with
"no rules - no officers - no dues", will reach the point where they need to
make a decision to incorporate, or otherwise restructure their activities"....( eyes a little quick on the trigger. ;-)
I would be plenty happy, if ever there is something I could do, for a brother or sister in the group. 73, Shawn kf7yff.
The moon's to turn blood. Could that influence any bounce?

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