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Jeremy Utley

Everyone, please keep in mind that to be a “member” of 4SQRP, you only need to meet one of two criteria:


1 – Subscribe to the mailing list

2 – Attend OzarkCon


So, everyone who receives this is a “member” of the 4SQRP group!  There’s never been dues or anything for the group, and considering the group’s been going for something like 7 or 8 years (maybe even more), I would highly doubt there ever would be a need for it.


Jeremy, NQ0M

In beautiful downtown Iola, KS


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I agree with Dave.  1200 miles (each way) is a bit of a jaunt.  I was, however, born and raised in Springfield back when Branson had a 4-way yellow blinker and nothing else.  Got my first license, a novice class (KN0PXL), in 1957 before I moved from Springfield.  So, I am attracted to the 4SQRP group and I would be glad to kick in some of my allowance.  Maybe those of us who did could be Associate Members - or something else fancy.


Just my $ 0.02 worth.


72, Tom - NG3V 


On Sat, Apr 12, 2014 at 3:03 PM, David Martin <davemrtn@...> wrote:


Ditto that sentiment here.

On 04/12/2014 11:51 AM, David Wilcox wrote:




Some of us are too far away to help with physical presence but may be willing to "join" for a small fee to help keep the coffers full.  Just the kit offerings are enough to keep my interest and  interest to be a "member" and contribute, not to mention the free "banner" each month.


I pay a small fee each year to be a GQRP member and feel I get more than my money's worth.  I pay a little more for the QRP Journal and feel the same about it.  What say? 


If there are others who feel the same way let Larry know.


Dave K8WPE

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On Apr 12, 2014, at 11:53 AM, Larry Clement W2LAC <perlarryc1@...> wrote:


A very wise move. I think this will insure that our club will be around for a long time.

Larry  W2LAC  

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To all members:

Some exciting things are happening here at Four State QRP Group. Up until
the last few years, the club was small enough that individuals could take
personal risk in buying parts and supplies to produce the kits that fund
OzarkCon each year. However the number of kits and sales increased
to the point that there was a serious financial burden on a few people who were
using their own credit cards and bank accounts for purchasing.

To eliminate the burden and potential liability to those individuals we had no
choice but to create a non-profit and put in place the structure required to
maintain it. We aren't unique in that respect. Sooner or later every
successful club that sells kits or other fundraising items, and began with
"no rules - no officers - no dues", will reach the point where they need to
make a decision to incorporate, or otherwise restructure their activities.

Ron Potter, AG1P, guided our effort and we are now incorporated as a non-profit
in the state of Missouri. This had to be done as the tax and legal
implications on individuals were too severe to be ignored. Incorporation
required officers and a board, a list of which is included below.

Income from kit sales has been sufficient to fund Ozarkcon
and we continue to work with volunteer designers to come up with new ideas,
several of which are now in development. Our goal to not become a big
profit making organization; in fact it's the opposite. We intend to only
have enough money in the bank to fund 2 or 3 OzarkCons, and to sell enough
kits to continue at that level, thus ensuring a bright future for OzarkCon.
We also see Four State as an educational facilitator, providing a venue for
members to learn electronics principles and skills, with rf-related
subjects being the primary focus.

I hope you understand and support our reasons for taking these actions.
Some members have already stepped up to help us through our infancy as a
non-profit. Other volunteers will be needed in the future. If you have a
passion for QRP and would like to help, please contact me, Ron, or any
board member. Together we can continue to provide a quality experience
at OzarkCon every year in early April.

Current Officers and Board members:

President: Terry Fletcher, WAØITP
Vice President: Jim Kortge K8IQY
Sec'y/Treasurer: Ron Potter AG1P, Tom Brown W0MFQ backup

Johnny Matlock, AC0BQ
Walter Dufrain K5EST
Rich Fowler K8MEG
Herb Case WR9H
Jim Kortge K8IQY
Dave Cripe NM0S
Paul Smith N0NBD
Ron Potter AG1P
Terry Fletcher WA0ITP

I love this radio stuff !


David Martin - K5DCM ---o0o---
Mountain Home, Arkansas

Guns don't kill people, any more than spoons & forks cause obesity.



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