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The willingness of members to pay dues is nice and shows that a lot of members think they are getting a lot for their money from the 4State QRP Group and that is true, especially when you consider that there are no dues charged to belong to the “club”! That was the concept from the very beginning—“no rules, no officers, and no dues”!! That is as QRP as it gets. That is the way it should be. Terry’s “Open letter to Members” wasn’t a plea for money it was a letter explaining why the group went through the process of becoming a “non-profit”, not a easy thing to accomplish. The Group became a “non-profit” to protect those volunteers who went out on a limb to purchase components for a “run” of a kit, normally 100 kits! These volunteers were doing that with no guarantee that the kits would sell and guess who was left holding the bag if the kit was a flop:-) That, fortunately never happened due mainly to the fact that a lot of thought and time went into the selection of a new kit to be offered by the group. The amount that some of our kits cost to finance was and is considerable, to say the least! Now as a non-profit organization this isn’t a problem.

The problem, if you could call it that, is that the group as a non-profit has to have officers and a board of directors. You have to have people willing to serve—thus Terry’s open letter to the membership. To serve takes time and effort, blood/sweat/tears. in other words. The list of officers and members of the board that Terry gave have been serving, some of them for many years. Even the most giving of people get tired, wore out, or exhausted —— you get the idea. Whom among us are going to be willing to step up and give those that have been serving a chance to sit back and enjoy the 4State QRP Group, that is the question. Don’t get me wrong some of those that have served or are serving are happy and willing to remain in service, others, I’m sure, would like a break!

I was always amazed, in the early years of our group, how few of our members actually purchased our kits. Happily, that has changed and now a large percentage of kits sold by our group are purchased by our own members. A big reason for this is that many of those that bought our kits, early on, became members because they were happy with our kits. THAT is all that is needed to keep our group finically healthy. Buy a kit, but, you might say --- I’m not a builder. No problem, Dave Martin gave the perfect solution—buy a kit and give it back as a drawing prize at next year’s OzarkCon of give it to your local club to give away as a prize. Spread the word about QRP, our group, or simply the joy of building which was the backbone of early amateur radio!!

cu es 72, Bart W0IIT
Pittsburg, KS
4Sqrp=#72, FP=#11, ARS=#568,
SKCC=1139, NAQCC=#588
FIST=#5819, Zombie=#500, Geratol=#1000

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