Send in your score

John Lonigro

It's Monday. If you didn't participate in the SSS last night, your next chance won't be until May.

If you DID participate in the SSS last night, don't forget to send in your results so I can tally them. You've got until midnight tomorrow (Tuesday) night to get them in. This is your only reminder to send in your score. Send an email with your results to:

Put "Sprint" in the subject line.

Don't "reply" with your results. This is my everyday email. I have a special one set up for sprints.

So far, I've received two (2) scores from last night. Maybe there were a lot of storms all over the area. We had a forecast of severe thunderstorms locally and I left my antenna disconnected. Perhaps a lot of others did the same. Anyway, even if you only made one contact in last night's contest, send it in. You may have done better than you thought.

Thanks and 72,

John, AA0VE
SSS Coordinator

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