Re: 4sqrp


Dale, here in N.Arkansas ,, with TStorms comming in , i unhooked my antenna,  our fruit trees have bloomed already and we are expecting 26F , oldtimer told us to spray them with water before sunrise to save any small fruit ,which i will try - with Cherries, Peaches, and Pears at stake , it is worth it ! We planted cold or cool weather Veggies so far -onions, beets, leafy ones ,broccoli ,(taste so different fresh), Cauliflower ,peas , hope they survive ,will spray them as well. (if i had some extra plastic would cover them, might use feed bags .
          Been reading about Phasing Verticals , i wonder if anyone tried  that portable ?  Keep Warm ,spring is around the corner Dale .                         AJ KF5ZYB

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