Re: Brrr!

Dale Putnam

You got that... or she has that right,, Jim.... 
I had to exercise my 4x4 this morning, to get out of the driveway... 
and still drug the transfer case and differentials,.... in the snow.
The antenna's are still up.. but the electric fence isn't.. had horses 
tasting the fresh green grass.... poking through the snow. 
  No flowers here.. yet... but the sun is out.. clear skies and now it is all the way
up to 24F... so the water will run today.
  Moisture is a good thing, but the 4th is a good day for planting.. the short crops...
Because the first freeze is +/- 2 weeks of Labor Day... 
oh.. that's right.. 45 days of growing season here.... 
3 in Jan... 2 in Feb.. a couple in May...     ... . . . . . .

Have a great day,
--... ...-- Dale - WC7S in Wy

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Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2014 07:31:02 -0500
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Not as much snow, but 1/4" on the ground as of 7 a.m. in Park City, just North of Wichita.  Total precip (rain & melted snow in the gauge) .31" and we had some marble sized hail yesterday as well.  
Dale, my wife WAS going to set her yearly flowers out today, but decided, like you, that the 4th of July might be a better bet and the way things have been going this year, even that's not a sure thing - LOL!
Jim - W0EB

> Six to eight inches of heavy wet snow, blowed up into drifts, of 1 -
> 2 foot deep, by hard winds, during the night,and the current temps
> of 11... making it a fast return to winter. 
> Note to self.. don't talk about planting a garden.. until the
> 4th...     of JULY!!!
> Have a great day,
> --...   ...--
> Dale - WC7S in Wy
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