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Walter - K5EST

Jerry, what a nice "infomercial" you gave for the Ozark Patrol regen receiver. I do not have one yet, but knowing the background on it, then the receiver is a welcome place holder in the Ham shack.

Thank you and your son for being a participant at OzarkCon.

72....Walter . K5EST

On Mon, Apr 14, 2014 at 9:01 PM, <j.b.hall@...> wrote:

I am amazed at how well the Ozark Patrol regen works! If you built one at Ozarkcon and haven't played with it yet you are missing out on some fun. 

My son wanted to take part in the Friday night Ozarkcon building session so we teamed up and put the Ozark Patrol receiver together. It was a fun project, easy to build and the front panel looks great. I figured it would work about like all the other regens I have built in the past but no, this one is different. It is sensitive, the regen control is smooth and predictable and the bandspread tuning is just right. 

I hooked it up to my trap dipole for 80,40 and 30 meters. I messed with the gimic capacitors a little and started tuning around. Lots of short wave stations were heard but the english speaking ones were not too interesting to listen to right then. I practiced the two hand tuning method the guys at the building session taught me and then I tuned in WWV, adjusted the main tuning knob to 10MHz, shut it off and went to bed. The next morning at about 7am I turned it on and WWV was gone but WWVH from Kaui Hawaii was coming in. 

Since then I have been letting it play when I am in the shack in the evening. I'm still hearing a lot of short wave stations but mostly I listen to 40M SSB and CW qsos. One evening while casually listening to 40M I heard F5IN calling CQ and working some stateside stations. RBN showed him at 25 to 31 dB on the skimmers in 8 land so he had a good signal but I think think this receiver will hear weaker ones without any trouble.

I think this receiver deserves a nice case like the ones N5IB made. As soon as my current woodworking project is finished I am going to dress it up with a fancy case. 

Thanks Dave for a great design and thanks Dar, Darrell and the whole buildathon gang for making it happen. 73,
Jerry - W0PWE

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