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Paul Smith

I built a beta kit and there was only one band.

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Karen & I just finished up her Ozark Patrol kit from the Friday night build session.  It seemed to work great when first turned on.  However, when I flipped the BAND switch to the right and we got no REGEN at all.  Any ideas?  Works pretty well with the BAND switch in the left position which seems to be the LOW side.  On the low side we heard WLO coastal maritime station 4 Mhz range, WWV, and an Ontario VE3 on SSB.  Nice.

I twiddled both Gimmick caps but no change on the REGEN problem in the "high" band.

FYI - Karen & I had a blast at OzarkCon this year.  While the kit build ran a bit longer than anyone expected, the kit itself was GREAT!  The programs were, as usual, top quality, and the lunch was a welcome addition.  (Let's keep that as part of the on-going plan if possible.)  One of the best things was that we came home with about 5 kits to build!  We pulled the kitchen table into the living room so we have a work surface right in front of the big-screen TV.  Lots of solder smoke in our near future!


-Ed, WG5F & Karen, W5KKM-

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