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���� If you can possibly find the stations he is working and tail end them before he moves on it works ok.� But I listened for a while on 15 meters and there were so many I couldn't find the calling station.




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Yes - isn't it great how fast that online log is updated? I love it!� I'm not terribly experienced at the art of listening and determining where a DX station is listening.� Two of the times I worked 'em was during a lull in the activity when I think they were tuning around and found me. Sometimes if you sit on their frequency for a long time, one of two things will happen - they'll either go QRT on that band and you've lost your chance (for a while anyway), or almost by magic, the calling stations will drift away and even if you're doing something else with the radio playing in the background, you'll notice the DX calling CQ, and a relative lack of replies. That's a great time to strike! Sometimes if there is a lull, they'll QSY if you don't act fast enough.
To the relatively unskilled op like myself, it can be a bit tiring and time consuming, but that moment when you hear your call being sent back to you from that little island out in the North Pacific is like magic.
Great stuff!
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I got them at 4 AM this morning (they finally stopped calling for EU stations), and he heard me on 30 M with two calls using 5W. �It's amazing how fast you show up in their online log!

(No, I wasn't sitting up all night waiting for them - just happened to wake up and check. :-) )

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Just nailed TX5K on 14033

They have excellent operators as well as good hearing, give 'em a try. An
outstanding qsl confirmation page is here. I captured the
page when my call appeared.

Great fun
I love this radio stuff !

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