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Donald Kelly

Hi Phil,


The MC1350P is an 8 pin DIP IF Amp. I think you are remembering the MC1496 mixer.


I like the MC1350P because of the ease of gain control for QSK.


It actually dates back to the 70’s maybe even the late 60’s. Wes Hayward used it in some early solid state receivers in “Solid State Design for the Radio Amateur”.

He also uses it in the updated book “Experimental Methods in RF Design”. The MC 1496G mixer was also shown in several circuits in SSDRA.


The K2 used the MC1350P as an IF amp.


The MC1350P has been called a noisy IF amp but its noise characteristics were considered to be offset by the fairly straightforward ability to implement gain control.


It is a great IF amp IC for moderate to intermediate level receivers. Not foolproof….but close.


One of my favorite parts guys, W8DIZ, sells the MC1349 as a comparable IC to the MC1350P.






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Hi John,

I'm not expert but I suspect/(and see) that some folks have crossed over and are using current-feedback ICs for IF strips. One example of that
can be found by looking at the schematic for the SS-40 kit on the 4sqrp website.

My memory may be wrong, but I think the MC1349 came before the many 602 mixer ICs. All of these use Gilbert cells (4-quadrant multiplication)
to generat the frequency shift needed to get from RF to IF.

The ham radio handbook has some excellent chapters summarizing the evolution of these mixers. My copy is from 2004.

Good luck and have fun!

unc Phil, W0XI

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