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Jim Kortge

On 4/29/2014 2:09 PM, WA0ITP wrote:

Hello Peter,
Hi Peter, Jim, K8IQY here,

*Nice to see you at OzarkCon and hope to see you there again next
year. Thank you for purchasing the SS-40TX.

Here's the Kits home page with a link to the manual.

Some changes to the SS-40 board will need to be made (besides the
wiring connections).

.**Change both R18 and R25 to 47k or so, they are 1M as built. I just
tacked 50k resistors across them. This increases the sidetone volume
to a nice level.
Maybe a little light, depending on how good your hearing is. I seem to find it just fine.

. Tack a.1uf across C42 to increase the mute hang time a little more,
this removes all trace of some light key clicks.

The .1 addition is mine, Jim is working to determine the best value to
use, but .1 works ok in my rig.
0.1 uF works quite well, but 0.022 uF in parallel with the 0.01 uF that is there is about optimal as far as I can tell. That makes the QSK near perfect!

This makes a very nice little rig.
Roger that!!!

Good luck and thanks again for coming to OzarkCon and for buying the
Yes, it was great seeing you and chatting with you at breakfast our last day there. I hope your trip back home was fun and uneventful. My XYL Kathy, KB8IMP really enjoyed meeting you.

72 and best regards,

Jim, K8IQY

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