Gud Morning oh - oh

Dale Putnam

This morning.. the light gently brightenin, but with a solid overcast, no shadows... 
and that is ok.. the drifts are easier to see.... drifts... in Middle of May..   you know..
those piles of snow... stacked up by 30 mph winds... and a snowfall of 8 - 10 inches.
But that's ok.. the snow covers the sprouts in the garden... wrapping them in that cozy 
white blanket of snow and ice, to comfort them from the 26F.....

I'm not wishing this on anyone, but it isn't tied down here... my ropes won't hold it. 
and my ropin horse isn't anywhere at all interested in sittin down with it tied on.

Y'all take care, and be careful, twisty winds, sparks in the sky, water falls, all things to be aware of.

God Bless us everyone, 

Have a great day,
--... ...-- Dale - WC7S in Wy

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