Re: Wed, night PSK checkins.

Bill Cromwell

On 05/15/2014 10:08 PM, Rick Bennett [4sqrp] wrote:
I have always used Digpan for PSK31. Mainly just because I am used to it. For any other mode, I use fldigi.

My interface is a very simple home brew thing in an altoids tin. Just pots to adjust the RX and TX levels and a simple transistor keying circuit from a serial port. No isolation, I was lucky that this worked. It is an old computer (yes, still running the doomed XP). My plan is to re-load the computer with linux, then I will just use fldigi for everything.

de KC0PET, Rick
Hi Rick,

Coupla things...

You can run your XP machine forever with impunity as long as you don't connect it to the internet. Use it just for your ham radio. The big issue is going to be security vulnerabilities with exposure to the internet.

If you do switch to Linux you may find that a lot of your MS Windows ham software will run in WINE. Wine is the Linux support system for MS Windows programs to run in Linux. It's not an emulator and some things won't work well or even not at all. Don't try to run the Windows Office Suite stuff under WINE. Or internet explorer (who would wanna run that!). I have had most of the SDR and DSP software running in WINE. Software for the digital modes, too. So if you have some favorites that don't have a Linux version you might find that it will run just fine in WINE. Spectran and Spectrum Lab are two that I like very well and have no Linux versions. Both run perfectly in WINE. Just a couple of examples.


Bill KU8H

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