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John Lonigro


I just tried to install fldigi on my older Ubuntu system (10-04) and I got an error about a missing library.  Then I tried it on version 14-04 (just released last month) and it installs fine.  Don't go to the fldigi website to get the software.  Click on "Ubuntu software center" and do a search for fldigi.  It will find it.  As I said, it installs FB with the new version.  You may have trouble with an older version, but if it isn't as old as mine, it may still work.  I'm trying out 14-04 on a different PC first, to see if I can get used to the new user interface before biting the bullet and upgrading this one.

Good luck and 72,

John AA0VE

On 05/16/2014 07:11 AM, Paul Smith psmith61@... [4sqrp] wrote:

I have been reading of the PSK talk. A while back I was lucky and bought a warbler. I would like to get on the air for the nets. I have a net book with Linux Ubuntu on it. Is there someone that can talk me through installing some program to be able to get on the air. I did PSK with Jack Green W0JG back in 2000 and for the most part you had to look HARD to find a to work...... Off to work now. I think the work day left list is less than 30 days. Looking forward to all later

de Paul N0NBD

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