anybody else catch the dx to euro EA today?

Phil Anderson

Thought the bands were dead today at 2 PM so mowed the yard.
Came back in and noticed on that 20/15/and 10
had some openings.

Got on 15m first and kept hearing CQ "EA" and call. Turned to the
WA7BNM contest site and found EA is a Spain "test," noting that
no-spain stations should send RST and a nr. That opened
the DX gate:  OH6DEO, EF0JC, HN7Q (IRAQ), EF8U, PY2YU,
SP9LJD, and more. What fun! Iraq was a new one for me.

Most of this is enabled by the many DX oriented sites on the web.

It got me thinking again about the talk at Ozarkcon on Reverse
Beacon Networks. Neat stuff.

72, unc Phil, W0XI

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