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John DeJournett

First, if you really want an authoratative answer, best to ask Diz.  As he designed the kit, he could advise you about being able to substitute the part.
My own view is that most of the 1n5711's in the pig rig are used as clamping diodes.  As such, their forward voltage is a critical parameter.  The spec sheets show the 1n5711 to have a considerably lower Vf than the MBR1100.  This being the case, I would be cautious where I swapped.  It looks like D8 might be ok to substitute, but it may also limit the AGC performance. 
Just my uneducated opinion, and worth everything you paid for it.
John, KD0JXN

On Wed, Mar 6, 2013 at 10:05 AM, Johnny Matlock <jomatlock@...> wrote:

Gm group

Is a mbr1100 a good sub for a 1n5711?
I was short one in my pig rig!
They look good to me?
Johnny AC0BQ

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