Re: Ideal Voltage & Current for K2


I run mine at 12.0 volts. That gives plenty of overhead for even high power operation. You can run it lower if you are staying qrp cw, though. Having it higher means internal regulators just have to dissipate that much more power as waste heat.

If voltage is too low, then transmit distortion and intermodulation products on SSB can increase. This would be less of a problem with CW, I think.


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I am feeding my K2 with a Samlex 1223 PS with variable voltage currently set at 15.0 volts, display shows 14.4 and 0.30 on receive and 14.1 and 1.80 running 5 watts into 50 ohm dummy load. I intend to run mostly 5 watts or less, with an occasional 10 watt max. What would be considered an ideal voltage setting, higher voltage that I have now ( max 15.0) with less current, or lower voltage and more current, or does it matter? Thanks.
Darryl, KK5IB

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