Re: LT SPICE circuit draw and simulate program DOWNLOAD


Nick, WA5BDU
I was surfing, and noticed this topic,   which I left un-answered.  
You have always responded kindly, and with great technical expertise,  right to the point 
... and deserve a  respectful response. 

I have read all my books on Electronic Theory (as best I can after a lapse of many decades) 
and all other material I can locate, gleaning ideas on active filter circuits that might aid in CW ops. 
I have been using  Martin Memserve's website and the  ngSPICE website. 
Lots of thinking, planning, and modeling.   
Both sites have been very helpful.  
Projects of the last year are posted at my website, below. 

Of interest in the HiPerMite funtionality topic: 
I went on to design a MultiFeedBack BandPass circuit, 3 stages, with Butterworth curve.
First two stages are parallel, offset by +/- 50 Hz ( 650 and 750) and followed by a Q=2 Summer stage. 
BandPass is 200, 300, 400 Hz, at the -3dB, -6dB, -9dB levels.  Q per stage is 4, 4 and 2 for the Summer. 
This approach is tolerant to component variations of 10%, 
and is easily re-tuned via the R2 sink-source to virtual ground.  
(  I added a final #4 stage of Q4, with variable f(), +/-200 Hz, 
re-tuned via the R2 sink-source to virtual ground.  credits to Martin Memserve)
These specs are similar to the HPM this group has developed.   
But, not part of what this group is about, 
so let me just refer you to my website at www.GeoCities.WS/glene77is   
if you want to peruse my projects.  
The project name is "P2SQ", under "Electronics".  

Need to get back to building more components onto the perfboards.   
Not my forte. 

Glen Ellis, KK4LPG

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