SSS Results for June

John Lonigro

Enclosed are the current standings for the 2013-14 Second Sunday Sprint. Bill, KV6Z, still has the lead, followed by Terry, WA0ITP, and Gary, KF7WNS. According to my calendar, there are 3 more Sprints remaining before a winner is declared. Bill and Terry are pulling away from the rest of the pack, but there's still time to perhaps influence the results. Even if you are no longer in the running (like me), just participating in the contest gives others a chance to work you, which may be enough to alter the standings. Every QSO counts!

As a reminder, please include at least your callsign and first name when you send in your score. With the help of the 4SQRP website and QRZ.COM, I can look up the rest of it. But it would be a lot easier on me if you include your QTH and 4SQRP number.

Until next month, 72

John AA0VE

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