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Ditto the beautiful green lush grass and trees.  The garden is growing really good too.
I'll take the rain versus drought and red flag fire risk conditions anytime.

David Martin - K5DCM - Mountain Home, Ar.
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Hey All,

Side affect of the storms is the greenest nice looking lawn in many years here in Lawrence.
Gotta mow again today between the rains! We are way ahead on inches/month.

Maybe we need to solicit infra-sound frequencies (.001 to 20 Hz) from the FCC?
Let's call it the "Low Pressure"  Band. That way more storms would bring more rumbles
and add to the fun. I suspect that the number ow "Whistlers" per hour is up too.
Anybody have a Whistler RX to verify?

72, Unc Phil, W0XI, Lawrence, KS


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