Is this cool or what?

Bruce Winkelman <bdwink@...>

I spent a very enjoyable time visiting Bill KV6Z and his wife, Ursula, at his home near Claremore, OK earlier today. His new KX3 is such a joy to look at and drool over! I took ol' #52 Cyclone 40 along for him to see and to use his equipment to measure the output of the Cyclone. We fired 'er up and let 'er sit for a few minutes to stabilize and monitored 7040 while chatting about QRP operation. While chatting, a nice CQ came up, solid 599. It was K4VIZ of Vizkey fame and what did I have with me to operate ol'#52? The Vizkey horizontal bug I purchased just before Tom retired the Vizkey business!!! So when the brief shock wore off, I replied, he gave me a 579 and we had a nice little chat. He was using one of his vertical bugs. Now how cool is that??

Ol' #52 puts out 4.6 watts with a 12V 16Ah battery I bought from W0EB at the Big Brutus Bash last fall and 5.6 watts when powered by Bill's 13.8V power supply on his desk. It's a great rig...I used it on Saturday evening for a couple of hours during Field Day on the patio running off the 16Ah battery, made 22 QSOs in 15 sections as 1B Battery. The Cyclone really held up well with all the FD signals.

Another tip of the hat to Ed WG5F for assembling ol' #52 and doing some of the enhancements and mods since it was first works like a champ! And a big thank you to Bill and Ursula for a wonderful lunch and conversation at the table.

Is this QRP stuff cool or what?

Bruce AA5CO
Tulsa, OK

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