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Thanks to all that responded and those that asked after the antenna system and terrain. You are able too see it on QRZ. COM or at <http;//>. Check the map at QRZ.COM and you see that the QTH location is a very old river bottom of the OUACHITA RIVER. In fact the river's levee is just behind the levee service road. The back yard was scalpped one October then the radials were laid out on top of the grass from the center of the yard to the fence line and staples from DX ENGINEERING were spaced every foot on the length of the radials. Four radials on in each direction NE, SE, SW and NW are 50' in length. The range in length from 12' at the shortest to 50' longest. Then after the radials were laid and the grass grew back from spring growth you could not see the radials anywhere except at the decorated center. The grass had pulled them down. I never had issues with the lawn mower snatching the wires or staples.  There are some technical articles on the Bencher/Butternut web site that I found to be very handy in the installation of the HF9V titled Dirty Little Secrets. They helped.


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