Re: Ozark Patrol Regen Receiver A+



thus far I haven't met a radio that I don't like some -- and I confess to having plenty of dead radio parts around.  hopefully no one else has this compulsion.  I wonder if anyone knows how to decode these colors that seem to label audio transformer cases? 

well my regen was my first electronics project - a P-box kit from Rat Shack.  I built it and turning the controls it made these dreadful sounds, so I presumed it didn't work.  I recently built a regen and it makes the same sounds - and works with some patience! 

while I have the parts (close enough including some Ge transistors that might still work) to build that regen again and the schematic is on-line.  I may cobble together an Ozark Patrol homebrew - and I am thinking I may also get it working on the AM BC band (with one of these loopstick coils I have) if I don't hear much on shortwave.  there are no unusual parts in that, well except those strange transistors - and I found a few!  and curiousity means I should socket the regen stage to see if other more common transistors also work (but they seem to have less capacitance in them ... hmmm ... a hint maybe).  anyway I need to do something with some of these radio parts .... but these old radio parts won't pull HCJB, Radio Nederland or Radio Australia out of the ether.  those of us old enough (unfortunately most of us) were blessed to live in a different wireless age than now. 

73 Curt

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