Re: Ozark Patrol Regen Receiver A+


Since the post I spotted and bought a nice TS-520SE off ebay. It
arrived yesterday and looks as nice as in the pictures. Of course,
shippers can do amazing things and in this case the plug managed to work
out of the Remote VFO socket and get smashed to bits. Fortunately, the
pins required for normal operation were only bent slightly and I was
able to get the rig receiving just fine (moral, remove, wrap and note
fragile parts). Even though I had a TS-820S and TS-830S in years past,
I thought I had forgotten how to tune these guys as I couldn't get any
ALC reading. I removed power and then the top cover and reseated the
driver tube. Plugged it back in and powered it up and it tuned up just
fine on 75m even though the meter seems a bit "peaky". Closed
everything up and about an hour later I wanted to retune on 160m and
again no ALC indication when trying to peak the Drive control.

It's an old radio and I'll go through the alignment procedure one of
these days and get it going in fine fashion in time for SKN. The
receiver sure sounds good, though.

72, Nate


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