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Don Wilhelm <w3fpr@...>

You guys have got to stop this stuff!  I have been following this thread recalling my novice days.  I never did get a regen receiver to work to my satisfaction, but I built my novice transmitter and struggled with an NC-54 (or was it NC-53) receiver.  I did not work many stations until I obtained a BC-348J receiver.

Later, I went on to build my own version of the Lew McCoy HBR-16 which featured an Eddystone slide rule dial and used salvaged (and capacitor switched coupling for variable selectivity) 85 kHz IF transformers  salvaged from BC-453 receivers.  I added a Q-multiplier at 85 kHz and it had really good selectivity.  I dubbed it the HBR-18 because it used 18 tubes.  It is still in the attic storage, and I might resurrect it one day.

I usually get enough nostalgia walking around hamfests and looking at the boat anchors for sale - seeing stuff I either had long ago or those things I lusted for and could not afford back in the day when they were available.  Wisdom has always prevailed and I have resisted the urge to take one home.

These days, my K2, K3 and KX3 are more than I need, but your comments have gotten me thinking about restoring that HBR-18 and the NC-101X that I have in the attic - even though I know that my Elecraft rigs are far superior performance-wise, much lighter and easier to use than those boat anchors.
I may even try my hand at a regen again based on some of the stuff presented by George Dobbs at several past FDIM seminars.

Thanks for the memories.

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Well, I'm not a real "old-timer", but built a 2-tube receiver from the QST 1956 in 1962 and a single-tube transmitter ( keyed oscillator ) in '63.  I scrounged old tvs and radios from the local dump, so the parts were free for the labor of removing them.  I used this setup for six months after getting my novice ticket, then my folks bought an HQ-170 and Eico 723 from an estate sale of an SK.  Only owned one crystal for the novice section of 40M so many times had to "wait in line" for the frequency to be clear.

73, Curt KB5JO

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