Re: Pig Rig Rocks

Charlie Vest

Jim ,
Is there a link to it ? Sounds like a project that at least deserves a good look .
Charlie , W5COV


On 3/7/2013 3:01 PM, Lee Mairs (SAG) wrote:
> Regarding sorting the crystals, I assume three are for the filter and
> one for the oscillator.


Is it just the three for the oscillator that
> must be close together in actual frequency?

Normally, that would be the case. BUT, in Diz's design, the LO
crystal may have to be close to the other three in order to hit the
center of the crystal filter passband. I don't know how much LO
adjustment is provided in his kit.

Sure wish I'd built Jim
> Kortge's crystal checker now...

Not too late Lee. I still get emails occasionally from someone who
has decided to build a PVXO and Crystal Checker circuit so that they
can roll their own filters.

I've had all the parts for about ten
> years now...

And I've heard that a few times along the way! :-)

72 my friends and have fun,

Jim, K8IQY

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