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Cliff Fox (KU4GW)

I sometimes get on 3895 on 75 meter phone with a local group from 0900-1100 UTC and Thursday morning the band was so bad I could barely hear anyone, even the guys who run legal limit. Then when I went to check in on the Sunrise Net at 1300 on 7123 I had the net control station in Florida at 579, but by the time he got back around to me he was 229 and a short time later the whole band fell out and I couldn't hear a soul! About as bad as it gets! Hope it was just a brief geomagnetic disturbance. 
Very 72
Cliff - KU4GW

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The A index is at 6 and 80 and 40 are showing it. Last night Paul
WA9PWP, and Bill, KV6Z, made it into the 80M net. 80 was vy noisy here.
They were both weak and watery and barely copyable. No one heard on 40
this morning. 40M is noisy here to day also.

It is discouraging (for all of us) to call and call into the empty
aether. Hope the prop improves soon, it should since we're coming into
the fall.

Thanks to Paul and Bill.

I love this radio stuff.

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