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David and All,
I don’t have one, but a lot of folks are having a good bit of fun with the Rebel.  It’s pretty “Spartan”, being single band, no SSB, and any bells and whistles come from your ability with software.  There was an excellent technical presentation made at FDIM this past May about all of this, so you might try and get your hands on that for a really excellent overview of what is possible with that rig.  Some folks have been able to add SSB to the rig’s capabilities.  There has also been a good bit of info on the software in various magazines, including Sprat.
As you probably know, Ten-Tec is coming out with an upgraded model, called the Patriot.  It will have SSB, and some other improvements, but at twice the price of the Rebel.  I think that rig is currently undergoing extensive field testing, so it may be a while before you can actually order one.
As an aside, guns DO kill!  Yes, it takes human hands to make that happen, but to say otherwise is like saying drugs and alcohol are not a problem either and don’t need to be regulated!  I’m not opposed to guns per se—I have three myself—but our laws on, and availability of, guns  in general are stupid! 
Dave W7AQK

Sent: Thursday, August 21, 2014 8:22 PM
Subject: [4sqrp] TenTec 506 Rebel

Has anybody looked at, played with or purchased the TenTec 506 Rebel ???

If so, what's your critique ? I am thinking of getting one to play with....

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