Another QRP transceiver

Jim Sheldon

4 Staters, I Just came across something called the uBitX (for micro BitX) transceiver. It claims 10 watts nominal out on SSB/CW with pretty much general coverage 80-10 meters and differs from the monoband BitX rigs out there now. Because it uses the Si5351 synthesizer chip, it isn't capable of 160 meter operation just like QRP-Labs QCX monobanders. I saw a reference to it on one of the Facebook groups I frequent and being intrigued, I did a bit of checking. It's listed right now for $109 in a partially built kit (no case, no microphone and maybe a few other things) shipped by India post which may take a couple months to get. They also claim that for 10 bucks more you can get it sent by DHL with full tracking and it should arrive in 7 days or less. I looked over their reflector and find that the $109 price is only through Christmas when they will increase it to $129.

According to the HF Signals website,, the main PC board is wired, aligned & tested and the kit builder has to find a case and wire up all the controls & jacks plus mount it in whatever case you select to cut and drill holes in to fit it. (Sometimes not an easy task for some of us.)

I had a bit of Christmas money in my PayPal toy fund so I decided to take a chance and order one of them. I opted for the DHL shipping. Looking at the size of the PC board (6" X 5.5") I came to the conclusion it won't fit the 4SQRP medium (Red) enclosure but it WILL fit the large purple one with a bit of room to spare. Having one of those on hand, I'll build it into the big box when (if) it gets here. Fortunately, they use PayPal so if something goes wrong and I don't get it, I'll be able to get my money back eventually.

I thought I'd mention this to the group in case some other brave soul out there might want to take a chance & attempt putting one of these together. Since there's not a lot of documentation and no real help available on it and I haven't even seen one yet, unless, like I did, you just want to take a $109 or $119 chance, to save $10 or $20 on one, I'd recommend holding off until more info is available. Time to enter "research" mode and start digging for more info. I'm volunteering to be the guinea pig in this case and just reporting on what I'm doing to help others and keep them from having to "reinvent the wheel" so to speak. As Wayne Green, W2NSD (SK) of 73 magazine fame used to say, "Caveat Emptor" (let the buyer beware).

What is available (schematic, wiring diagram, etc.) is currently on the website and a google search of ubitx does find bits and pieces of further info.

Jim, W0EB

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