K8IQY PVXO and Other Crystal Measuring Info

Jim Kortge


I've had several inquiries about the PVXO that I designed many moons ago to measure crystal parameters, so that they could be used in crystal filters. That project, along with the Crystal Drive Circuit, are located on my web site. Here is the URL:


The NJ QRP group at one time offered a PVXO kit, but those sold out a long time ago. But, if you ask on QRP-L, someone might have a kit they didn't build, or a completed kit they would sell. We never kitted the Crystal Drive Circuit, as it took way longer than anyone expected to sell the 100 PVXO kits. We decided not to another "limited popularity" kit. :-)

The paper that I presented at Atlanticon is also available for download at the above URL.

Have fun.......


Jim, K8IQY

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