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Paul Smith

Good stories about your early builds. I would like to see the pages of the guys tube kits. Can you post them on the 4SQRP group page? Or send them to me.
Paul Smith N0NBD

de Paul N0NBD

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Hello Paul,

This guy ( W7LNG @ ) ( 541-773-5214 ) lists no website for the 12A6
rig ( I bought it in 2002 and am just now getting around to wiring it. ), but
I will send copies of the 3 page info sheet should anyone want it.


Sam Neal N5AF

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Sam, Please post a link to your transmitter when you can. When i was a novice
i built a 6V6 slat board transmitter and EVERYTHING on the slats was HOT. At
Joplin Hamfest I found 2 6V6 tubes and bought them..thinking about building
another slat transmitter. de Paul N0NBD
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