Re: Thursday Morning Net


GM Scott,

 If you're on the email list you're a member.   I just checked and you are on the member page so all is ok.
Glad to hear that you can make the Thus morn net.  Hope the band cooperates.  Both 40 and 80 should be improving rapidly now as Winter approaches.  Unless the Sun throws some stuff our which it has just done.  It shoujld be cleard out by the weekend tho and the Brutus outing should be fine.  Look for us if you can, we'll be using the club call all day Saturday and Sunday morning.

Hope to hear you tmrrw morning.

On 9/10/2014 1:48 PM, n7net@... [4sqrp] wrote:
GA wa0ktp,

It seems that my schedule will allow me to join the Thursday morning net. Then I discovered that I must be a member to participate. I've been on the email list for awhile, but I'm not sure about being a member. Am I? If I'm not how do I become a member?

73 de Scott/n7net
McKinney, Texasz

I love this radio stuff.

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