My Backup Solution

Darryl J Kelly

I have two docking stations, a box that you can plug a raw drive into
(SATAs). A friend gave me a handful of 400 Gb drives. The thing I like
about the docking station is that it is USB, plug it into a computer
connection, turn it on and a drive with drive letter shows up. I use
Teracopy to simply copy from main drive to backup drive. The stations
work with Mac or PC, plug and play, does Time Machine on the Mac.
Drives out of old computers become backup drives after testing and
formatting. There is no compression, a file can be found simply with
Windows Express. The docking stations cost about $40 depending upon
model, I like Thermaltake. I have about eight drives now and can also
do a hard drive clone if replacing a hard drive in computer with a
different one. I have about $100 invested total, no monthly charges,
don't worry about internet access, download speeds, my cloud company
going out of business or being hacked. I store some drives off site
and while it's not perfect, it works for me.
Darryl, KK5IB

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