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Cliff Fox (KU4GW)

Very nice map indeed! Not complaining mind you, but it would be a asset if it also listed each person's 4SQRP member number in the pop-up window info too. Thanks to W0PFO Ray for the great map! Will be sharing the link/info on my CW Operators Community Page on Facebook where I try and list CW related articles contests/sprint info, etc. Check it out sometime at 

Very 72,
Cliff - KU4GW

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Thanks to Ray Cadmus - W0PFO for his talents and hard work to produce a
interactive map of 4SQRP member locations.

He used the FCC database for the lat/lon, so unfortunately those
licensed outside the U.S. are not shown on the map at this time.

Use the "Member Map" button on the 4SQRP web site and give Ray an
atta-boy for his spectacular efforts.

Also, the Operator List button was edited to read "Member List" now.

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