Ozark Patrol Temporarily Sold Out

Donald Kelly

This looks like a nice kit. I built the Radio Shack Globe Patrol many years ago. It was a gift for my brother who passed away before building.




It was battery powered and I used to bring it to bed and listen. Being simple design it suffered from a few things like hand capacitance and rapid tuning.


But I loved it and suffered for many years after I loaned it to a fellow ham being sent TDY to Spain. I never saw him again (before Internet).


This looks like a great project for anyone. Everyone should build at least one regenerative receiver. Even if he or she is not a ham.




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From the web page.

Wow! The first run has sold out after only 36 hours. Parts for the next run are already on order. We expect to be shipping again in 2-3 weeks. Order if you wish, but please consider the delay in receiving your kit. 
Many thanks for the excellent response to the Ozark Patrol.

I just posted this note on the web page.  Great start for a great kit.

Also uploaded a picture of the front panel to both the Yahoo Group's photos and also to the kit's photo page.  http://www.4sqrp.com/kits/ozarkpatrol/ozarkpatrol_photopage.html  Sri for the confusion between the beta build units and the production run.

Thanks agn for supporting  Four State.

I love this radio stuff.

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