Peanut Power Sprint - this Sunday - 4PM-6PM EDT

Jim Stafford W4QO

North GA QRP Club has just assigned the 200th number....

But we can do more!  Peanut Power Sprint hits
big time and appears in today's ARRL DX bulletin:  near the end

GEORGIA prides itself on the PEANUT; now they
can be proud of the Peanut Power Sprint!

EXCHANGE: RST + SPC (State, Province, Country) + PEANUT NR

Still time to get your number but if you have no number,
join in by sending RST + SPC + Power (W)

Call CQ NUT and watch the good times roll! 
Full details:

Or to see the list of numbers:
Keep it handy during the sprint for crosschecking.  Work same callsign
on all 3 bands and 2 modes for sprint points and multipliers.

Frequencies: 61 khz up from lower end of band (CW) 40,20,15M
and 285 khz from lower end of band (SSB) 40,20,15M

To get your number, send an email direct to:
with PEANUT in title.
Deadline: Midnite Saturday Sept. 27

NoGaNuT Jim/w4qo

PS There is even a QRO category,
can you believe those NUTS - err, PEANUTS? But....
you'll be amazed when you turn down the power to 5 watts... try it!

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